Who's this African Artist?

Emmanuel Opoku aka "E. The Wood Carver"

Born in the Ahwiaa (air-we-a) wood carving center of Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa, Emmanuel Opoku is excited to bring his love of wood artistry to the Bay Area.  Formally trained in the Ashanti wood carving tradition by Ghanaian Master Wood Carver Menseh Yaw, Emmanuel has over 20 years of experience as a traditional Asante wood carver. 

Emmanuel designs and carves every wood piece with passion and skilled precision, using his custom made chisels and mallet brought with him from his home country of Ghana. He is adept at designing original pieces to meet clients' needs, as well as replicating many styles and themes of African scenes, animals and African American images. 

In keeping with his authentic Ghanaian traditions of wood carving, Emmanuel works primarily with white cedar wood imported from Ghana to maintain the authentic essence of his work that is so popular among tourist when visiting Ghana. In every carving that he creates, Emmanuel is excited to bring a piece of Ghana and his culture to you through his wood carving.  

Emmanuel currently lives in Oakland, CA with his wife Monique and together they operate African Wood Carving & Handicrafts, an online store showcasing Emmanuel’s latest wood carvings and other handicrafts from Ghana.